strategy & vision, narrative, data products, art, applied AI, digital and non digital. We believe in a physical world where new relationships emerge among the human society and technology. Relationships matter. We operate across boundaries to understand and nurture these new interactions. Oraf is Iskra and Marcelo. more –––

A tool for paused reflection.

Life is not just about digital. Or physical. Every experience shapes and prepares us for what is to come. We keep a learning and curious attitude, open to different opinions, different ways to live and different ways to act. We believe our emotional selves and our reactions to the context are as defining as our opinions and actions. We explore the role of art, philosophy, culture, technology, business, we let ourselves be inspired by beauty and transform that into insight that drives a well grounded strategy. The magazine accounts for all that, and presents it as an inspiration and a journey through things that matter.

We mix data, AI and digital products experience with communication, society, arts and emotion to define a vision and strategy for our customers. Workshops, reports, case studies, guidelines, actionable strategy documents.

There is no such thing as a data or digital strategy. There is only strategy. Products, services, culture or society are the result of delicate, generative interactions among diverse elements, skills and disciplines. Interactions that evolve. Strategy involves a honest understanding and respect for every nuance thereof and has to account for that, from solid, credible, well-grounded visions to clear guidelines that help move forward. We have built international companies, products and movements, and find delight in combining our experience with new learnings derived from the people we meet, the projects we undertake, the inspiration that surrounds us. And when we say strategy, we mean dialogue.

We mix art, design and scientific knowledge to create contemporary communication pieces as dialogue tools. Ads, events, experiments and use cases.

Science today is more present than ever in our daily lives. Understanding the way we interact with our context, the broad offer of products and services, the access to people or to ourselves by carrying intelligent devices, is about more than just a question of interpretability. It is about a dialogue. And we need to include people in that dialogue. Traditional communication and advertising need new channels and habitats. This means, instead of communicate, disseminate. Be more responsible, more sustainable and more generous. And do it in a beautiful way. And when we say dialogue, we mean strategy.